In case you missed me…Plus FREE Relationship Readings!

Feeling a Bit Under the Weather, Tarot Ann

Feeling a Bit Under the Weather, Tarot Ann

I missed you too!

I apologize for not completing Part 2 of my Daily Card Readings series as promised…I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather this week and just now getting out of the funk. Look for that post and many others soon! In the meantime, a fellow tarot blogger is looking for volunteers to get FREE relationship readings in exchange for allowing them to published on his blog (your identity will be kept private). Here are the details:

*** Free Tarot Love & Relationship readings ! Get Love & Relationship questions answered by picking a pseudonym , dear Abby style and sending them to   Questions will be answered Monday-Friday and posted on The Redwood Wizard and Summer T. Wind ,2 questions per day , one for each site. Get clarity with a Love/Relationship reading today. First publication date March 10th***

Also, don’t forget that I am also taking questions for my Ask Tarot Ann feature! Feel free to contact me  with whatever you’d like to know about me, tarot, or any tarot-related topic!

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