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they say….McCall's Magazine Tarot Card Reader, 1964

“Hi Ann, thanks for the insightful tarot reading. It was my first ever reading done over email and I couldn’t have been happier. I think you nailed my situation right on the head. I didn’t think of it that way at first but after reading what you wrote, I’m glad you offered alternative views of looking into the situation. Aside from a prompt reading I appreciated your helpfulness in clarifying the questions I had.I also love how you have written the message you got from the cards. It is as if you were talking to me from across the table. Definitely looking forward to more readings by you!”

“I was nervous at first to receive a Tarot Reading, I wasn’t sure of the outcome. My reading was SPOT ON! It was like it knew “secrets” I wasn’t even willing to admit to myself. Helped me to realize things I need to work on in myself to prosper in life. I know who to come to when I have any other questions about my life. Fast, efficient, detailed reading. If you are searching for clarity, I would advise doing one!”    

“Great reading! I couldn’t have chosen better words myself to describe my past! High level of detail and greatly appreciated the practical steps I can take to materialise my future. Very empowering.”

“Mind-blowingly accurate”

“Thank you SO VERY MUCH! The timing on this couldn’t have been more perfect!   Your insights are phenomenal.”