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Face-to-Face Readings For Clients

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Face-to-face, and party/group readings are available in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC metropolitan area by appointment.  In-person reading rates begin at $25.  Prices and packages are customized based on your request and your situation.

During a face-to-face reading, we begin by discussing you- why you are seeking a reading, what your experience  with tarot is, and we will work together to decide exactly what question you are seeking clarification on. As we begin to pull cards, I will give a brief overview of what each card is indicating by itself and an explanation of  the message conveyed by the cards in their entirety . With larger spreads, I’ll also discuss with you what cards aren’t present, and how understanding what is missing can be just as helpful as understanding what is present. The entire process is collaborative and clients can stop me or ask questions at any time. This is a great way to have your first tarot reading or a great way for more experienced tarot readers and enthusiasts to gain new perspective!

I also offer tarot parties where I will do readings for you and your friends or clients at a special event. Tarot readings are great for bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, charity fundraisers and more.  Face-to-face readings are primarily offered in the Northern Virginia/Washington, DC Metropolitan area but I am happy to travel as well for a small fee. Online e-mail and video readings are also available.

Interested in booking a face to face reading? Please contact me for more information!

Online & Distance Readings for Clients

5 Card Daily Spread, Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchitti

5 Card Daily Spread using the Gilded Tarot by Ciro Marchitti

Online readings start as low as $10 and also can be completely individualized based on what you are looking for.  Based on client requests, I recently began offering readings by e-mail and the feedback has been great! Want a quick, cut-to-the-chase answer to your question or an in-depth, thorough written analysis of a complex situation that you’d like to refer back to again and again? Want a customized e-mail outlining what you need to know at the beginning of each month? Interested in a monthly subscription plan?   No problem, I can do it! With each e-mail reading I give a picture of the cards drawn to further your comprehension.  I also respond to any questions or offer any needed clarifications of my reading or interpretation at no extra charge, provided they do not require drawing any more cards.

Want the connection and flowing conversation of a face-to-face reading, but you are located a world away in Sinagpore, Shangai or elsewhere?   I am able to offer Skype and Google Hangouts readings as well. This is a great way to experience the collaborative conversation of an in-person reading over the internet. Telephone sessions are also available on a limited basis.

Interested in booking a disance reading? Please contact me for more information!

Services For Tarot Readers

Feeling totally stuck on a reading you did or feel like the cards just aren’t communicating to you? Looking for input on how to word difficult or negative readings for a client? Having problems with over identifying with a client? Having difficulty “getting” your neck deck? I can help.   I also can offer general feedback based on reviewing several of your readings, your tarot journal, or work-book responses to help you grow in your tarot experience.  I am able to take a limited number of tarot students as well for both online and face-to-face mentoring, although at present time I have no available openings for students. Update, February 2014: I anticipate being able to take another tarot student as early as late March or early April 2014, either online or in-person Don’t hesitate to contact me if  interested as these spots fill up fast!

I provide in-person seminars, webinars, and online courses on topics such as Tarot for Therapists, Tarot for Meditation, Introduction to Tarot, The Psychology of Tarot,  and more!  Need a presentation or training on tarot-related topic that’s not listed here? Not a problem- these are just some examples of earlier presentations and seminars.  I’ll be taking sign ups soon for my “Meditating with the Tarot” online class starting April 2014. New courses are announced on my blog and Facebook page so be sure to check often for updates.

Got a question about a tarot-related topic? I recently began a new feature on the blog called “Ask Tarot Ann” where I will be responding to submitted questions about tarot.  Feel free to submit your question; I will be answering as many as possible. Remember, there are no stupid questions!

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