Just can’t get enough of Tarot Ann and looking for additional information or other equally awesome sites? I’ve got your covered.  Check out our list of the best Tarot sites and blogs on the internet below.  Don’t see your favorite resource or want me to consider adding yours to this list? No problem, let me know in the comments section- I love learning about new sites and resources!

Aeclectic Tarot – Features some of the most extensive forums on all imaginable tarot, lenormand, oracle, and related topics, in addition to deck reviews, announcements of new decks and more!  Aeclectic Tarot is one of the most comprehensive online resources available right now, and I’m not just saying that because I’m a contributor!

American Tarot Association– The ATA site offers extensive online training options for aspiring readers, monthly newsletter, quarterly tarot journal, and a great mentoring program for new members! Also features an excellent online database of card meanings.

Biddy Tarot– Based in Australia, but with readers, followers and client’s worldwide, Biddy Tarot is one of the best tarot bloggers out there in my opinion.  One of my favorite features on her site is her “Top 10 Tarot Cards” lists, where she details the top 10 tarot cards for certain topics. While you are there, be sure to check out the Free Tarot Reading section of her site- I provide a limited number of free tarot readings through her site each week.  (Hint: If you frequently see the message that there are no more available readers for the day, try again within the first 5 minutes of the hour.) 

Learning the  Tarot– Joan Bunning’s classic book has been lovingly translated into a free online class you can take to learn the tarot.  Extensive information, and did I mention free?

Tarotholics Anonymous (Group on Facebook)- One of my favorite online communities for tarot novices, junkies, enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs alike.  Warning: joining this group will likely cause a serious desire to add to your deck collection!

Tarot Book Discussion Club (Group on Facebook) – There are so many great tarot books out there, and sometimes it really helps to read and discuss with a friend or two.  I’m probably biased since I facilitate this group, but I think we are a dynamic bunch and I can honestly say I’ve learned just as much from my fellow group members as I have from the books we read.